Gutter Vac Livingston is locally owned and operated and is not a franchise and carries full public liability insurance for property maintenance.

The reason I started this company was based on the bad experience of how gutters are normally cleaned; be it the DIY approach which can be daunting hanging from a ladder with one hand and you still can’t really get them clean and then there is the mess that is left once finished.

Any method which only uses a ladder has its faults; you run the risk of damage to your roof and gutters as someone will be climbing on the roof to get to areas above extensions or conservatories.

Then there of course is the safety aspect of someone potentially falling and being severely injured on your property.High reach gutter cleaning in west lothian

This system is different, I use a high-powered vacuum system with a long reach pole leaving the gutter clear of all manner of debris. The vacuum has various sized nozzles to get into every area be it corners or tight tiles.

If i have to use ladders it will be for repairs or area’s off very excessive growth where there is no other way of removing the blockage.  This system can reach over conservatories, extensions reaching area’s previously uncleanable. This system isn’t just safer it’s better.

Gutter Vac Livingston does not offer a roof cleaning service.

I get asked quite a lot about roof cleaning and he best advice I can offer is this if you feel you roof needs attention get a roofer to look at it and they will know the correct and safest way to solve your problem.

The use of pressure washers or bleaching agents such as sodium hyper chloride (which are illegal to use for this purpose) are not a good idea and most of the time completely unnecessary.

I will leave some links that explains why its not a good idea and what the manufacturer of the tiles says on this matter.


How to Clean a Roof Without Pressure Washing