About Us

The reason we started this company was based on the bad experience of how gutters are normally cleaned. 

Be it the DIY approach which can be daunting hanging from a ladder with one hand and you still can’t really get them clean and then there is the mess that’s left once finished.

Any method which uses a ladder has its faults you run the risk off damage to your roofs and gutters as someone will be climbing on the roof to get to areas above extensions or conservatories. Then there are parts of the gutter that are so close to the tile you can’t get your hand in to get anything out so these areas tend never to get cleaned and that’s where blockages happen.
High reach gutter cleaning in west lothian

Our system is different we use a high powered vacuum system with a long reach pole leaving the gutter clear of all manner of debris. Our machine has various shaped and sized nozzles to get into every area be it corners or tight tiles.Gutter cleaned in livngston using gutter vac

We use no ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers our system reaches over conservatories and extensions reaching area’s previously uncleanable our system isn’t just better it’s safer.

We are a Company whose sole purpose is to clean gutters. We do not offer to repair gutters or roofs or anything else we will be happy to offer advice or recommendations.